Why Bick Group

We understand your environment.  From our business unit leaders to our field techs, we have significant experience throughout Bick.   The average tenure of our knowledge workers in the office is 18 years.  For our field techs, it is 12 years.  There are very few issues that we have not dealt with or challenges we have not overcome.  Our experience provides tremendous value.  Just ask our customers, many who have been with us for decades.

We will reduce your worry and your risk.  Our business units have been in existence for decades and our employees have developed superior expertise.   We have completed thousands of projects and thousands of service calls since 1964.  Our experts know what it takes to minimize risk.

We will educate you along the way.  Our goal is to help you understand your environment and how it will be affected by our projects or services. We appreciate that while you may have expertise in one area, it is likely that you do not in all aspects of a data center.  We do and one of our favorite tools is a dry erase maker.  Our most loyal customers are those who understand the complexities involved in our work.   They also tend to be the smarter industry professionals.

Mission Critical. Vision Practical.  Many of the products and services we deploy involve mission critical infrastructure.  We fully understand that responsibility.  However, we are also cognizant of the market and business pressures that exist.   We do not push to install the best solution, but rather the best one in terms of what is most appropriate for your application.  Our customers appreciate that while we are a technical firm, we take a business view of investment.