Why Bick Group

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We know business can be tough. Working together doesn’t have to be. You can achieve your goals. We can help you accomplish your business goals through improved performance in your data center or mission critical facility while enjoying the work. We believe in speaking honestly, directly and often. And we are accountable for every service we provide.

Experience matters. We draw on decades of combined mission critical facility experience. From punch cards to mainframes to distributed systems to virtualization, we’ve seen all the major paradigms and managed through them. We are also “cradle-to-cradle” which means we understand capacity planning through design and build to migrations to decommission. Speed and independence are key. We move quickly so you gain value faster. We’re not tied to specific hardware or software platforms or large corporate overheads. We’re nimble and focused: Data centers are what we do. With more than 200 data centers and other mission critical facilities under ongoing management contracts, we know what makes operations work best.