Preventative Maintenance Installation

Preventative Maintenance

Our Experience
For over 50 years, Bick has supported mission critical environments. With Bick, our clients can choose preventive maintenance programs to protect a single a system or an entire environment, such as a data center. We empower you to self-design a maintenance program that matches your availability needs but reflects your budget requirements as well. We will not try to place you into a pre-determined program or up-sell you because we get more commission from the factory. Our independence provides you valid third party, independent advice. We single-source source solutions combining mechanical, electrical, fire protection, monitoring, etc. so you don’t have to manage a dozen vendors or wonder which one to call in an emergency.

Our Point of View
Developing the optimal program takes careful consideration. While fire protection maintenance practices are directed by codes, many other systems require you to decide the scope and frequency. We know from decades of experience that the proper maintenance can add years to the life of equipment. So investing a bit more in maintenance can delay a significant capex event.

Best practice programs are actively managed. As equipment ages, you need to consider different approaches that address increased risk that comes with age. You also need to look at your environment holistically. Manage risk across your entire portfolio of systems rather than individually. We can help you .

Our Solutions
Talk with one our experts, who can work with you to develop a customized, optimize program. Our preventive maintenance programs protect systems including:

  • Mechanical systems – primary cooling, heat rejection, containment
  • Electrical systems – switchgear, generator, UPS, surge suppression, PDU
  • Fire protection – fire alarm, voice evacuation, fire suppression, early warning
  • Low voltage systems – monitoring, CCTV, access control
  • Access floors – repairs, tune-ups, cleaning

We serve a range of industries and critical environments, including:

  • Commercial
  • Data Centers
  • Health Care
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Federal, State and Local Government