Outsourcing Project Management

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Project management is the activity of overseeing the successful development and execution of a given project. It involves management, communication, planning, coordination, and problem solving and occurs throughout the course of the project. A project manager guides a project through its various phases and coordinates the work of all parties involved in the project.


Reasons for outsourcing

Regardless of the project size, mission critical facility managers generally have a difficult time making the decision to outsource–and who wouldn’t, considering that the result is to have a third party involved in your critical operation?

Oftentimes, managers realize that with proper care, outsourcing a consultant can facilitate the best possible outcome.

A few reasons why mission critical facility managers decide to outsource project management services include:

» A lack of a large enough staff to successfully accomplish project objectives

» A need for particular content knowledge in the more technical aspects of the project

» A need for assistance guiding the project initially

» Time restrictions

» Pressure from C-level management to produce more results with less resources


Benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing project management services may be the solution to the challenge a mission critical facility manager faces. A few benefits that can be realized include:

» The in-house team can focus on core competencies, thus realizing productivity gains

» The company can achieve a higher project success rate at a lower cost

» Typically, a consultant can put in significantly more man hours than the in-house team

» The company can ultimately enhance its in-house project management competency

» The outsourced project manager can plan, control, schedule, and track from a neutral perspective

» The outsourced project manager can ensure that best practices are adhered to throughout the project

» The company can become better prepared for handling similar projects in the future


Outsourcing options

There are numerous companies that provide project management services. Typically, an outsourced project manager can help with any number of the following services:

»  Development of project requirements and reports

»  Preparation of budgets and cost estimates

»  Preparation of Request for Proposals, solicitation of bids, review of bids, and development of recommendations

»  Selection of project delivery team and management of implementation

» Management of construction

» Management of design and construction

» Validation of performance and integration

» Management of start-up

If you have made the decision to outsource project management services, find a consultant that not only exhibits extensive experience in the mission critical facility environment, but also understands and appreciates your corporate values and objectives. Select a consultant that you can develop a partnership with and feel comfortable that they will, in fact, facilitate the best possible outcome.


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