Our Values


To find and provide solutions to customers’ problems — solutions that enable them to fulfill their goals.

Core Values

To Honor God.

We believe in the Christian principles that form the societal mores the founders of our country believed necessary for our Democracy to work. In our dealings with customers, employees, owners, and all members of the community, we must above all strive to act in a manner which adheres to the Judeo-Christian principles of ethical behavior.

To Provide Customer Solutions.

We believe that having satisfied customers is essential for our success as a company. At Bick Group, we believe that creatively providing quality products and services that are truly part of the solution establishes our value to our customers.

Employee Fulfillment.

We believe in maintaining a work environment which fosters creativity and individual growth that, when matched with individual honesty, dedication, hard work and enthusiasm, results in the individual increasing his or her skills and knowledge, experiencing joy in his or her work, and improving his or her quality of life.