Installation Services

Our Experience
For over 50 years, Bick has provided installation services for the critical equipment we sell. Where we really excel is providing installation solutions for live environments. Our seasoned experts range from our Field Technicians through to our Project Managers. There is virtually nothing we have not seen before. Having this experience enables us to have a more informed conversation with you about the best way to implement change and lay out the associated risks.

Because we address all disciplines (electrical, mechanical, fire protection, architectural, low voltage), we take a holistic perspective. We know that installing one system most often involves multiple disciplines. Our customers look to us for a single source solution, aggregating responsibility with Bick and consequently reducing overall risk. Our independence provides you valid third party, independent advice. We can help you select the most appropriate equipment because we have decades of field experience in installation and on-going maintenance.

Our Point of View
Often our installation services are required to address equipment that has failed or reached end of life. Because of the critical environments we serve, we focus on how best to make these critical transitions without affecting ongoing operations.

We are encouraging our clients to consider energy conservation measures as a way to save OPEX immediately. Some measures have ROIs that can be measured in months. But also consider that reducing energy consumption also “buys back” capacity and for some customers that can result in being able to defer a significant capital expense.

Our Solutions
Talk with one our experts, who can work with you to scope out what your installation requires. Our services cover a myriad of systems including:

  • Mechanical systems – primary cooling, heat rejection, containment
  • Electrical systems – switchgear, generator, UPS, surge suppression, PDU
  • Fire protection – fire alarm, voice evacuation, fire suppression, early warning
  • Low voltage systems – monitoring, CCTV, access control
  • Access floors – repairs, tune-ups, cleaning
  • Energy efficiency – containment, EC fans, misting systems

We serve a range of industries and critical environments, including:

  • Commercial
  • Data Centers
  • Telecom
  • Health Care
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Federal, State and Local Government