Extending the Life of Your Data Center

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September 11, 2011 – Data Center World in Orlando, FL

Bick Group experts taught a tutorial on Extending the Life of Your Data Center.

Speakers were: Tad Davies, Senior Vice President; Rick Tinucci, Executive Vice President; Brad Smith, Vice President

One of the ways data centers are trying to save money today is to find ways to extend the life of their existing facility. Being able to delay a multi-million dollare upgrade will have a significant positive impact tot he organization’s bottom line or mission. So what can you do? What should the priorities be? How do you calculate ROI? These are some of the questions that were answered during the tutorial.

A look at various solutions that are being deployed to achieve this and how they apply it to your data center. These solutions were described in detail and a high level budget and time-line will be developed for each. If your data center is five years or older, this session was extremely valuable. Having actionable improvements that can effctively and efficiently extend the life of your facility.