Energy Efficiency For Data Centers

Energy Efficiency For Data Centers

How efficient is your data center? How do you know? How do you meet IT demands that are increasing when your infrastructure isn’t?

Value delivered.
We understand the facility and the IT.

We monitor both and can help you make sense of the data in a way you can act upon.
Power consumption is about 25% of data center costs. More than half of that energy
cost goes to cooling the data and electrical distribution inefficiencies.
That’s why our integrated approach can have a big impact on costs while making sure technology critical to running your business is operating efficiently.

It’s about the ROI.
You’ll realize immediate returns.

Everything we do has a relatively short investment return with customers gaining efficiencies in as few as 6 months.
We can help you improve efficiencies by a magnitude of 30% to 50%.

Our process.
No surprises.

We follow our phased process and communicate every step of the way. Then we
outline a list of opportunities with specific ROI.
We aren’t tied to specific platforms or operating systems. We’re only committed
to helping you succeed.