Davies to Discuss Leveraging Vendors at Data Center World 2020

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St. Louis, MO – October 21, 2019. AFCOM’s Data Center Institute issued what will be an annual paper addressing future predictions about the data center titled “5 Bold Predictions for the Data Center in 2019”.

“Today, more than ever, we rely on vendor partners for a myriad of services critical to our data center,” stated Tad Davies, Principal, Bick Consulting Services. “However, as staffing has been reduced in our data center and with vendor staff reductions, it creates challenges with maintaining quality of service. Many in data center management are learning vendor management skills on the job. Vendor partnerships are critical to data center availability and consistent collaboration with key vendors can prevent issues and enable faster resolution when problems surface. Abdicating vendor management responsibilities completely to Purchasing is not an effective solution”.

This session will suggest practical field-proven approaches to vendor management. Tad, with over 30 years’ experience in the data center industry, will share the hard side, processes you must have in place and the rigor that is required, as well as the soft-side, involving relationship development and enhancement, which, can be significantly beneficial as well.

For further information, contact Tad Davies  tdavies@bickgroup.com