Data Center Energy: Taking Credit for What You’ve Accomplished And Developing Future Strategies

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Bick Group executives Tad Davies and Rick Tinucci held a 5-hour tutorial focused on data center energy efficiency during the AFCOM Data Center World in Orlando, Fla., in October. Educational content emphasized the ability to quantify from both a technical and financial perspective the progress that has been achieved by many data center professionals as well as potential new opportunities. Participants were taught new approaches and their newly acquired knowledge was put to the test with a series of questions assessing real-world data center problems. Some of the topics discussed included:

  • IT equipment opportunities:  power management, lower power processors, server virtualization, etc.
  • Air flow issues:  room integrity, cable cutouts, blanking panels, etc,
  • Mechanical issues:  temperature and humidity set points, heat rejection technologies, CRAC coordination, etc.
  • Electrical issues:  lighting, UPS/PDU efficiencies, loading, etc.