Strategy Development


At Bick, we focus upon aligning your data center strategy with your business priorities. Strategy development requires an understanding of C-level goals and sensitivities. We specialize in having these conversations. We also have the technical knowledge to delve into IT and facility centric details that drive strategy decisions. We provide insightful advice at all level of the organizational structure.

Strategy addresses the quantity data centers in your portfolio, the current state of each, the relative risk present in each, how resiliency and recovery are achieved, and operational options such as colocation,managed services, cloud, and hybrid.

Our Point of View

  • Many organizations see strategy development as a challenge to be addressed every 3 – 5 years. We believe strategy should continually evolve to anticipate the future and react to change. As such it should be challenged and re-evaluated for validity annually. We challenge but in a collaborative, constructive manner.
  • Understanding if C-level preferences are more that just preference will save you a lot of time.
  • When considering strategy, be broad with your field of potential solutions. Shortening the list too early may prematurely eliminate viable options.

We Work Differently

While we are interested in having long-term relationships, we do not engage in long-term contractrelationships. We prefer to conduct our consulting engagements in modules – defined, fixed fee engagements that address a set of defined issues over a relatively short period of time. With strategy development, the closing of one gate may change the next issues to be considered or create new ones. Our clients appreciate a stepped approach that allows them to define the specific needs they have for each module. As we complete a module, we have better clarity around what is best to address next.

We spend time upfront with our clients iterating on an SOW until they feel comfortable. In addition to empowering our clients to have significant input into the creation of the SOW, it provides an opportunity to see how we work and get to know us. This build confidence in the relationship and results in a tighter and better financially targeted SOW.

Our clients seek independent advice to solve difficult issues. Consequently, Bick Consulting’s operating model has no business agreements with the vendor community – no software, hardware, services, colocation, outsourcing etc. We are not engaging in a consulting opportunity as a means to fulfill a revenue stream.