RFI/Q/P Creation and Process Management


Bick works with clients to develop and execute the process of procuring services. We work collaboratively with procurement and IT to establish the extent of Bick’s role and a strict process for communicationsprotocol.

Our clients realize that they do not have Bick’s experience and frankly procurement is delighted to have a SME that will assure their customer’s satisfaction. Our portfolio of engagements includes procurement of colocation, managed services, and cloud services.We have helped clients contract for over $100M of these services. For clients building a data center, Bick has 50 years of data center construction experience.

Our experience tells us that a two-step progression is the most efficient process and significantly reduces the time our clients’ staff must invest. An initial RFI determines (or weeds out those who don’t) vendors (from a larger group) who match client criteria and have availability. It also confirms project budget. We often conduct this blind so as not to expose our clients’ identity. A subsequent RFP/RFQ is distributed to fewer vendors and those that are pre-qualified and ready to respond. From there we often progress to Negotiation and Contract Review phases.

Our Point of View

  • Early on your focus should be on de-selecting vendors who clearly don’t fit rather than the one who fits best. Thin the herd early and you will save hours of time.
  • Pick 8 – 10 decision criteria that really matter. Having 30 means that you are wasting time ranking criteria that won’t move the needle (have an impact on the decision).
  • You don’t need the best data center; you need the best data center that matches your business needs.

We Work Differently

While we are interested in having long-term relationships, we do not engage in long-term contractrelationships. We prefer to conduct our consulting engagements in modules – defined, fixed fee engagements that address a set of defined issues over a relatively short period of time. With strategy development, the closing of one gate may change the next issues to be considered or create new ones. Our clients appreciate a stepped approach that allows them to define the specific needs they have for each module. As we complete a module, we have better clarity around what is best to address next.

Our clients seek independent advice to solve difficult issues. Consequently, Bick Consulting’s operating model has no business agreements with the vendor community – no software, hardware, services, colocation, outsourcing etc. We are not engaging in a consulting opportunity as a means to fulfill a vendor quota.