Improving Data Center Performance Through Modeling


Ensuring your Data Center is optimized for your ever-changing IT environment is an increasingly difficult endeavor. Faced with staff reductions, most focus must be placed on operational issues, and consequently planning has to take a lower priority. And in today’s world having an over-provisioned Data Center is almost as bad as having an under-provisioned one.

CFD modeling enables you to consider a myriad of aspects in the context of your specific Data Center thereby providing the most valuable decision-making data. Bick has developed a process for which we have removed a significant amount of the costs and time associated with conducting a CFD modeling project. We have stream-lined the gathering of information. As a deliverable, you are provided a link which gives you access to reports and associated graphics. Even better, the model is yours to keep via a free viewer that is provided to you.

If you want to take the analysis a step further, we can leverage the CFD model to determine associated energy consumption. This empowers you to determine the cost-benefit for various scenarios under consideration.

Our Point of View

  • Identifying potential issues immediately benefits everyone. Bad news early is good news. Consider CFD modeling failure scenarios. Having the proof should get you the funding. Worst case, you have brought the issue to light.
  • As we all know you can’t improve what you don’t measure. See how the energy efficient technologies you are considering will perform in your data center leveraging CFD modeling, not in some lab.
  • See if your utility provider has a currently-funded energy incentive program. [We can help you navigate those waters as we have for our clients.]
  • The power is in the knowing. Consider CFD modeling your large re-fresh scenarios to eliminate any surprises.

We Work Differently

At Bick Consulting, we work with the entire Data Center ecosystem – architectural, mechanical electrical, etc. We understand that changes in one discipline can and often do affect others. Our holistic view enables us to provide broader analysis.

We are not focused on using CFD modeling as a means to an end – selling you a product. Rather we strive to deliver to you the most appropriate information that enables you to make informed decisions.

Your model will be built by experienced (+30-years) data center practitioners and simulations are run by a mechanical engineer who has decades experience in CFD modeling and data centers. We work literally every day support data center environments.

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