Facility Analysis – Health Check


For 50 years, Bick has worked with organizations to ensure the robustness of their data centers. Three decades ago, we wrapped our experience and knowledge into a consulting service. Clients tap into our expertise to address the myriad of concerns they might have: site, architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, security, monitoring, maintenance, etc. We can address all disciplines or simply onedepending on client needs.

Through data analysis, interviews, and site surveys we develop recommendations based upon risk, code issues, capacity planning, efficiencies, and best practices. Recommendations are prioritized, assigned a budget, and a degree of difficulty to implement. Our deliverables provide a management roadmap to improve facility resiliency.

Some clients only require a cursory analysis or simply a high level documentation of their data centerassets. We developed the Health Check service to address this type of engagement.

Our Point of View

  • You know many of the issues with your data centers. Frankly, outside help is often required to get people to listen. We leverage our senior level practitioners to have direct conversations that may be unpleasant for you to have.
  • Most of our clients do not have the time to develop a clear professional looking plan.
  • Challenging status quo is healthy if done in a constructive manner. It also solidifies intent of purpose and resolve.
  • If your data center is approaching 10 years old, you need to have a plan to address end of life issues(holistically or by system). As this could involve significant capital expense, you need to start early.

We Work Differently

We spend time upfront with our clients iterating on an SOW until they feel comfortable. In addition to empowering our clients to have significant input into the creation of the SOW, it provides an opportunity to see how we work and get to know us. This builds confidence in the relationship and results in a tighter and better financially-targeted SOW.

Our clients seek independent advice to solve difficult issues. Consequently, Bick Consulting’s operating model has no business agreements with the vendor community – no manufacturers, contractors, service providers, etc. We are not engaging in a consulting opportunity as a means to an on-going revenue stream.