Energy Efficiency Analysis

Energy efficiency drops money to the bottom line. While many IT departments are not held accountable for the energy they consume, organizations are now cognizant of the significant savings. At Bick we have helped hundred of organizations identify energy efficiency opportunities and worked with utilities to generate of $1M in rebates for clients.

Bick worked with one of the largest utility companies in the U.S. to develop a process to survey data centers and generate a scorecard of energy conservation measures. The scorecard lists actions, expected energy savings, remediation budgets and simple ROIs. We have expertise in all facility disciplines and can consider the entire ecosystem to determine what measures have the most impact. We also consider IT infrastructure measures that may be appropriate and may qualify for utility incentives.

Even our IT clients whose budget responsibility did not include energy costs realized that improving energy efficiency would buy them back capacity. Being able to delay a capital request for a year or two made them look like heroes!

Our Point of View

  • There’s a lot of energy saving products /solutions available. Achieving the savings claimed significantly depends on your data center’s specific features. And since it’s an ecosystem, one solution may cannibalize some of the savings of another.
  • Get credit with your executives for the energy savings measures you have already enacted! Don’t know how to quantify them? Give us a call.
  • There is low hanging fruit that costs very little and you can implement yourself. ROIs are in weeks not years.

We Work Differently

We spend time upfront with our clients iterating on an SOW until they feel comfortable. In addition to empowering our clients to have significant input into the creation of the SOW, it provides an opportunity to see how we work and get to know us. This builds confidence in the relationship and results in a tighter and better financially targeted SOW.

Our clients seek independent advice to solve difficult issues. Consequently, Bick Consulting’s operating model has no business agreements with the vendor community – no manufacturers, contractors, service providers, etc. We are not engaging in a consulting opportunity as a means to an on-going revenue stream.