Data Center Conceptual Planning


What will it look like? How much will in cost? How long will it take? Those are the key questions your executives, and now likely your board, will ask. You want to get this right and a well-produced conceptual plan will do that. Here’s the great thing – you can get your answers with confidence without investing significantly.

At Bick, we have been deploying data center infrastructure since 1964, when data centers were called computer rooms. We understand deeply the ecosystem that supports a data center and address all disciplines: site, architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, security, and monitoring.

Equally important as knowing facility infrastructure is understanding the IT infrastructure that will be housed in the data center. We lead capacity planning exercises involving all infrastructure teams andrigorously collaborate with them to establish realistic projections.

Our conceptual planning engagements provide you with high level plans, a basis of design, a budget, and schedule guidance that form the foundation of a roadmap for your IT team and executives.

Our Point of View

  • Tying in your data center plan to your business will produce the strongest justification for your project.
  • Ultimately the level of your data center investment must align with your organization’s business needs. At Bick, we know that your data center is Mission Critical. It also must be Vision Practical.
  • Use your conceptual plan to solidify executive/board approval of your project. There is sufficient information to make a go/no-go decision and you should force that decision before investing more resources.

We Work Differently

We spend time upfront with our clients iterating on an SOW until they feel comfortable. In addition to empowering our clients to have significant input into the creation of the SOW, it provides an opportunity to see how we work and get to know us. This builds confidence in the relationship and results in a tighter and better financially targeted SOW.

Our clients seek independent advice to solve difficult issues. Consequently, Bick Consulting’s operating model has no business agreements with the vendor community – no manufacturers, contractors, service providers, etc. We are not engaging in a consulting opportunity as a means to an on-going revenue stream.