Bick Consulting Services

Since 1964, Bick has worked with thousands of clients to improve the performance of their data centers. Organizations such as enterprises, institutions, government agencies and third party data center operators have relied upon Bick’s advice to solidify their strategies and tactics.

Independence is key. We bring no organizational bias to your project. We are not a VAR and have no partner agreements with companies vying for your business. We don’t take commissions from vendors or colo providers and have turned down many related offers. We are professional services firm whose fiduciary and leadership responsibility is to you and only to you and your project.

A better working arrangement. We prefer a series of SOWs (we call them modules) versus a multi-quarter engagement. Situations are fluid – the market, your management’s views, etc. No one can see around corners so let’s not try to guess. Instead let’s address the decisions that are clearly presenting themselves. After we’ve made those, we can, at your option, move on. We also work on a fixed fee basis so there’s no financial risk to you.

Holistic approach. Think “and” not “or” – our methods consider the impact solutions will have across all of IT needs: budgets, data center facilities, technical infrastructure, short and long-term visions, current pain points, etc.

Depth and breadth. We can effectively communicate from your system administrators to your CIO. We can evaluate your current environment, map a path to your long-term goals, and help you sell your story to your executives. We will keep your project on track and moving forward. The credibility we build enables us to engage with both internal and external stakeholders to work through roadblocks.

Experience matters. We draw on decades of combined data center experience. From punch cards to mainframes to distributedsystems to virtualization to cloud, we’ve seen all the major paradigms and how they have affected data center strategy. We work through the entire data center life cycle which means we understand strategy from capacity planning through design and build to migrations to decommission. Our financial analysis addressing build versus buy is more comprehensive because we understand all of the subcomponents that “contribute” to costs.

Mission Critical. Vision Practical. We understand how critical your data center is to your business. We also know how to keep solutions realistic in terms of budgets, personnel and time. We listen carefully and work closely with you to develop the right plan for your data center needs, based on our technical and strategic business expertise.