Bick Provides Data Center Operators a New Resource

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St. Louis, MO- June 28, 2012. Kicking off at the Solutions Center in its Headquarters, Bick initiated its new resource for data center operators in the form of its “Practical Insight Series.”

“Practical Insight Series” is our response to the industry’s desire for guidance amongst the tremendous volume of information out there,” stated Tad Davies, SVP. “Data center operators are being bombarded with potential solutions. They are craving real, practical advice that will be address their mission critical needs.”

Practical Insight Series will address a myriad of topics and issues faced by data center operators. The inaugural event included a presentation regarding a methodology to address capacity planning. A panel of Bick technicians held discussions regarding overlooked issues they most often see in data centers today involving electrical, mechanical, and fire protection disciplines.

“I enjoyed the event tremendously, the presentation as well as the networking before and after. I also appreciated the technical comments and suggestions made by your technicians,” remarked one of the attendees.

For more information, contact Tad Davies. 800-295-BICK x3404