Bick Presents Data Center Maintenance Maturity Model

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Las Vegas, NV- April, 29 2013. BICK led a four-hour tutorial session at Data Center World and introduced a self-assessment tool to gauge performance of a data center’s maintenance program. Tad Davies and Rick Tinucci of Bick leveraged their 25+ year experiences with data centers to develop a holistic view of data center maintenance. Participants ranked themselves on a 10 point scale considering 10 Categories with 42 Elements versus 247 Best in Class Attributes. In addition to a mathematical rating for each category, the tool generates a scorecard that acts as a management dashboard reflecting the maturity of their program.

“Maintenance is an essential aspect of the data center availability equation. We wanted to not only shared our knowledge but empower participants to evaluate their own situations right there in the session,” stated Tad Davies. “Folks walked out of their with a visual dashboard reflecting their analysis that they could share with their management team and act on immediately”

For further information, contact Tad Davies, SVP, at (314) 265-2735

Maintenance Maturity Scorecard