Bick Installs Wireless Relay Life Safety Panic Switches at SIU

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Bick has provided and programmed Wireless Relay Fire Protection Panic Switches throughout the Chancellor’s office at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC). This approach regarding remote switch applications can result in significant cost savings in labor and materials over conventional hardwire applications.

This Panic Switch Application is interfaced with the Fire Detection and Life Safety network throughout the campus that monitors approximately 45-50 individual Life Safety Fire Systems. The activation of any of these Panic Switches will notify a central computer, Siemens NCC, located in their Facilities Operations Center. The computer will show a campus map indicating the location of the Building and the exact location of the Panic Switch or Switches activated within that building.

The system works by monitoring a switch or switches and transmitting wirelessly to a relay receiver. The transmission range can be up to 2 miles. Each switch can be configured to activate it’s ‘on’ switch to show exactly which switch has activated or one relay can activate linked to a number of individual switches.

The relay or relays can then be interconnected to the Life Safety Fire Panel to activate an alarm, trouble, supervisory, or security condition which then can be transmitted to a central monitoring location, such as the NCC and/or transmitted through a Digital Communicator to a UL listed monitoring station.

This non-Life Safety application could also be used for industrial monitoring such as an assembly line or any other monitoring situation.

Since this wireless application doesn’t require the same materials as a hardwire application, such as conduit and wiring, as well as the costs associated with installation, cost savings can be substantial in most applications as compared to the hardwire application.

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