Bick Installs Access Floors in Historic Hillman Hall on the Danforth Campus of Washington University

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The Bick installed Tate Access Floor in Hillman Hall represents the first use of a raised access floor in classroom and research space at Washington University. The raised access floors contributed to Hillman Hall becoming the first LEED Platinum building on the campus.

Hillman Hall underwent this expansion to create more space for faculty and staff to be together in a collaborative environment. The Bick installation of raised access floors enabled the university to reach other design goals including:  Providing the faculty with a healthy building, contributing to the LEED Platinum designation, and creating classrooms and study room designed for new styles of learning – enabling moveable walls via demountable partitions on the raised access floors.

Edward Lawlor, the dean, liked the idea of raised floors and demountable partitions which was presented by Alberici Contractors, the construction manager for the project. Alberici took university officials to the Bick Group to learn about installation and coordination of Tate raised floors and the benefits that the underfloor air distribution adds to the sustainability efforts as well as promoting occupant health.

The raised floors in Hillman Hall will hold down operating costs. They will be able to reconfigure space in a weekend without the cost of demolition. Lawlor said, “If the floors and walls work as well as we hope, they will set a precedent for the university.” He added, “They make the building so much more flexible than a traditional academic building, and we think they will help with collaboration as well.”

Working directly with Bick Group and other subs had its pay off too, said Lawlor. “We haven’t had problems or surprises or change orders.” These saved on time and money in the end.

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