Bick Improves CRAC Energy Efficiency – Develops Fan Retrofit Service

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St. Louis, MO – November 16, 2011. The change in IT technology over the last 10 years has changed the way Data Centers are designed and managed. While existing cooling infrastructure may still be serviceable and has a remaining useful life, it probably no longer represents the most efficient way to provide cooling to the data center’s IT technology platform. Bick developed an EC fan retrofit kit as a way to improve CRAC unit efficiency by reducing fan horsepower and total cooling costs. Fan horse power savings average 20% while total cooling an fan kW can reach as high as 60%. Replacing fans also eliminates maintenance costs associated with belt replacement and the adverse effects of belt dust circulating throughout the data center. Typical payback periods are less than 24 months.

Bick’s Executive Vice President, Rick Tinucci spearheaded this development effort. “Our focus over the years has been improved performance of data center assets. We felt strongly that we could postively impact this aspect of DC performance while offering an economical solution”

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