Bick Discusses Hybrid Clouds at Cloud Expo

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June 30, 2010

St. Louis, MO —  David Linthicum, CTO of Bick Group, will conduct a session entitled “How to Get Hybrid Clouds Right the First Time” at the Cloud Expo conference in Santa Clara in November 2010.

“Hybrid clouds provide us with the ability to leverage the best of public and private clouds to meet highly scalable business requirements,” states Linthicum. “Indeed, most of the core business processing occurs locally, on private clouds, and the use of the hybrid cloud architectures allows you to transparently leverage public clouds which can take on any excess load, or “cloud bursting.” However, the approaches, architectures, and technologies for getting hybrid clouds right are tricky. Many things must be taken into consideration, such as interface compatibility, use of standards, and an architecture that spans two very different platforms. This session will take the mystery out of the design, building, and use of hybrid clouds, including the core concepts, requirements, enabling technologies, standards, and a step-by-step process for building and leveraging hybrid clouds that works the first time.”

About Cloud Expo
Cloud Expo was announced on February 24, 2007, the day the term “cloud computing” was coined. That same year, the first Cloud Expo took place in New York City with 450 delegates. This coming November 2010, Cloud Expo is returning to Santa Clara with more than 5,000 delegates and over 100 sponsors and exhibitors.