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St. Louis, MO – January 19, 2015. Bick Consulting Services completed data center assessments for the primary and secondary data centers for an $8B credit union serving almost 300,000 members.

Bick evaluated the facility infrastructure including architectural, electrical, mechanical, fire protection and monitoring/security systems of the two data centers and considered current maintenance practices. 73 recommendations were subsequently developed with corresponding budgets, the degree of difficulty to implement each, and comparative priorities across all.

“Financial institutions must have rock solid supporting facility infrastructure,” stated Tad Davies, SVP, Bick, who led the engagement. “Additionally improvements in efficiency can generate significant operational savings because of the requirement to run 7x24x365. The great thing is that there are a tremendous number of new solutions today that are more cost effective and easier to implement “.

For more information, please contact Tad Davies, SVP, 314-265-2735.