Bick Completes Future Data Center Strategy for Carnegie Mellon University

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Pittsburgh, PA – March 25, 2013. Bick Consulting Services completed for Carnegie Mellon University an analysis of potential strategies involving its primary and secondary data center space.

Considerations involved on-campus computing, use of existing colo space, new colo space, new build-out, and off-campus computing space. A ten-year cost comparison model was produced that generated total cost of ownership as well as operating costs.

“The higher education sector faces challenges in serving multiple departments with fluid requirements in addition to its own administrative needs,” stated Tad Davies, SVP, Bick, who led the engagement. “The high-touch preferences of some on-campus departments added a unique consideration to the project.”

Kevin Carpenter of Bick managed the project. “With a change at the CIO position since Bick’s last engagement, it was important to first re-visit and re-establish consensus against our Voice of the Institution exercise. Foundational to our issuance of recommendations is to understand an organization’s priorities.”

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