Better Data Center Management thru Metrics and Considerations on Colos

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– Presented by Tad Davies at Data Center World Bick Consulting Services SVP, Tad Davies will be presenting two business centric educational sessions during the spring Data Center World.

Las Vegas, NV April 9, 2015 — Tad Davies, SVP Bick Consulting Services, will lead a tutorial titled “Better Data Center Management Through the Use of Metrics” and another session titled “Considerations on Colo” at the Data Center World (DCW) Global Conference in Las Vegas. Data Center World is the premier conference for Data Center and Facility Management Professionals.

During the first session – Better Data Center Management thru Metrics – Mr. Davies, a Board Member of the Data Center Institute (DCI) and 28-year industry veteran, will focus on Data Center Heuristics and Data Center Financials. The session will review metrics from three perspectives: Heuristics / DC Math, Financial, and Operational. The session will also provide industry best practice insights. Participants will learn what key aspects of their data centers to measure and how to calculate their own metrics.
The second session, Considerations on Colos (Managed Services), Davies will address planning, budgeting, technical needs, contractual obligations, and migration challenges. The session will focus on proven practices and potential pitfalls in the sourcing of third party data centers.

In addition to these educational track sessions, Davies will participate in the closing session panel discussion on Converged IT.

“Data Center World is a great platform for professionals to share how they are addressing various challenges. Data centers are providing strategic business functions and competitive advantages,” stated Davies. “Understanding how your data center is performing relative to metrics as well as new sourcing options that might make sense is essential to effective decision making in today’s environment ”

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